Celebrate Holi and Dhulandi Festival with Nobel family in Rajasthan



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‘Holi’ the most awaited festival in India is celebrated in the spring season and is scheduled on the 8th of March, 2023. India a land of diverse cultures and festivals, always waits for the Holi festival every year. Connected with the deep roots of Indian traditions and our culture, the celebration of Holi is attracting entire the world for its colors and joy. Festival of color is celebrated with dance, music, rituals, different sweets, and cuisines with great pomp and show. This is the only festival for which every age group waits eagerly to shower and pour color and love on each other in their community. People from every other religion living in India, participate in the Holi festival and enjoy the festival with their planning but always with a message of love and unity, and brotherhood.

Rajasthan, the cultural state in India is known for its rich culture and heritage. Though Holi is celebrated in every part of India, in their style Rajasthan celebrates Royal Holi. The land of Royals and the existing family in Jaipur together make the great Holi festival into a Royal festival of colors. Rajasthan a most favorable tourist destination always welcomes tourists from all across the globe and during the Holi festival, it is a call from the Nobel family to celebrate the evening and a grand Holi celebration during broad daylight and dinner at night.

Indulge yourself in colors

‘Holi’ celebration means you have to get drained in colors and enjoy the charm of the festival with music, dance, and different traditional cuisines. Some sweet cuisines are specially prepared for Holi and it gives the best celebration time. Keeping all worries and workload apart, this festival of color is stress stealing festival. Every age group has its planning and actively participates in the festival for celebration. The broad daylight brings joy and enthusiasm for every people and every community to enjoy Holi and its vibrant color.

Importance of Holi

In the mythological book ‘Holi’ has its importance, during this spring season it is believed that many viruses and germs float in the air which is best controlled by herbs. The colors of Holi are a form of herbs which is sprinkled on each other to overcome the spread of the virus as well enjoy the colors for an entire day. You can buy Holi festival tour packages from Incredible Travel Leaders and grab the best deal on instant booking.

Plan your tour

This Holi season is one of the grand celebration times in India and plans a tour to India for Rajasthan to celebrate Holi with the Nobel family. Book your tour and plan for the Royal Holi celebration in Jaipur, Rajasthan to witness the colors of Holi as well as the cultural colors of the state.


Incredible Travel Leaders can offer traditional welcome drinks snacks sweets and food will be served as lunch, Herbal colour, kurta payajama, music, etc.


Cost ₹ 4000 per person


Incredible Travel Leaders can offer traditional welcome drinks snacks sweet and food will be served as lunch, Herbal colour, kurta payajama, music etc

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