Fair and Festivals in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the royal and vibrant state in India. It is well known for celebrating different cultural aspects. Throughout the years, the state has experiences festivals and fairs.

They play an essential role in adding lots of color to this state. Moreover, travelers are getting interested in visiting festivals and eye-catching fairs.

Get to experience cultural art and tradition in a single vacation. Therefore, the state offers royal history and experience for every traveler.

Visit Rajasthan and celebrate life with unique cultural aspects. Therefore, get the chance to save her the actual colors and flavors of desert land.

Even with the barren land of Rajasthan, there are many varieties of festival and joy around it.

Don’t forget to experience the most prominent Hindu festivals in Rajasthan. Dussehra and Diwali are the most grandly celebrated with the display of fireworks.

Different competitions add more flavor to the celebration. Locals organize various competitions and activities, such as.

  • Bull Fighting
  • Mr and Miss Desert Competition
  • Puppet Shows
  • Cock Fighting
  • Cattle Trading
  • Turban Tying Competition
  • Camel Races
  • Dance Performances
  • Folk Music

These are the exceptional occasions that every traveler needs to experience. Elegant traditional handicrafts and art crafts are also available for sale.

If you are a shopaholic, you will love the gathering of art. Therefore, it is the best opportunity to have lots of fun in a whole new way.

Vibrant Festivals and Fairs in Rajasthan:

Experience the royal flavor with festivals and fairs in Rajasthan. Go through the details and plan your vacation accordingly.

Desert Festival:

Location: Jaisalmer

Duration: 3 Days

Unique Attraction: Multiple Cultural Shows

Jaisalmer will give you the best opportunity to experience magical castles and sandstones. The entire festival and fair will last for three days with multiple activity experiences.

It includes polo matches, fancy camel rides, turban tying competition, etc. Finally, cap the day with the exclusive folk dance performance at the festival.

There are several other attractions in the desert festivals, including folk performers, charmers, fire dancers, acrobats, puppeteers, etc.

Therefore, all of these experiences and activities will create a landmark in your heart.

Bikaner Camel Festival:

Location: Bikaner

Duration: 2 Days

Unique Attraction: Spectacular Camel Performances

Get the chance to witness unusual camel performances. This festival and fair showcases the creative side of the Rajasthani people.

They will perform different activities, including camel hair cutting, camel decoration, camel dancing, and camel milking. After the day, the celebration is also organized by the locals.

The government of Rajasthan is working on organizing the fest every year. These unique performances and entertainment attract visitors to the land.

Experience the magnificent fireworks on the final day of the fest. It entirely lights up the city of Bikaner and amazes everyone.

Nagaur Fair:

Location: Nagaur

Duration: 4 Days

Unique Attraction: Methi & Chillies, Cattle Fair

Get the opportunity to be part of the second-largest cattle fest in the entire country. This unique carnival offers the best platform for trading horses, cattle, bullocks, camels, cows, and oxen.

Local people are wearing long dresses with vibrant colors. However, their signature is the long mustache which gives them a royal look.

Tourists from different parts of the world visit every year in this fair. This fare is responsible for capturing the entire essence of beautiful culture.

This is the proper blending of culture and elegance in Rajasthan. They also organize different games, including camel races and cock fights. There will be no shortage of entertainment for the tourists in Rajasthan.

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